The coop

MAÎTRE D’ŒUVRE is a general contractor of a new kind. The first construction cooperative to emerge in Montreal in 2019, our young enterprise is ambitious. We aim for nothing less than transforming the renovation of collective real estate in the Greater Montreal.

We are a cooperative. We belong to the big family of the social economy. We are investing in the renovation sector to meet the specific needs of housing cooperatives, artists studios, non-profit housing organizations and social economy businesses. We also cater to private homeowners that share our values.

The Maître d'Oeuvre plan

Multidisciplinary approach

Our approach to the challenge of renovating collective real estate is multidisciplinary. We think about plans, schedules, materials, labor, costs … But we also pay particular attention to the human dimension of projects, their financial impacts and the decision-making process that frames the development of the project in coops and NPOs.

Tailor-made support

Our support tends towards a management that is both democratic and efficient. Our very flexible approach adapts to the needs and objectives of your collective enterprise and to the specifics of your project. Our support allows you to enrich your expertise to meet the challenge of a successful renovation.

Renovate in collaboration

We are very much in favor of your significant involvement in the project. We can also support you if you prefer to rely on us. Among other things, our team can take over certain responsibilities relating to property management.


The right price

Our prices are fair and reasonable. We are talking about the right price. This is based on a rigorous analysis which takes into account all the interventions necessary for the project and which departs from the all-too-common practice of “extras” in the construction industry, following the contract award method to the lowest bidder.

Even though our motivation as a social economy enterprise is not in profit, our activities are subject to the same standards and regulations as private entrepreneurs.

For affordable housing

Our mission is part of a collective effort in favor of housing rights. It is driven by the importance that we place on the preservation and improvement of housing and buildings of housing cooperatives and non-profit housing organizations. It also lies in our desire to develop healthier and safer living environments.

The challenge is to renovate, while keeping rents affordable. We wish to increase our contribution to this essential challenge for the sustainability of cooperatives and non-profit organizations and for the development of the social economy.

Communicate the project

We can help you optimize your file and your communications surrounding the project. We have in-depth knowledge of the issues and challenges of planning and carrying out renovation work in a housing cooperative or non-profit housing organization. We can offer you the support to make your project progress successfully through your governing bodies (Board of Directors and general assembly) and with donors and financial institutions.

Collaboration 360

We are open to all possible forms of collaboration.

We are cooperants. We believe in frank and honest collaboration. We favor transparent relationships, the most likely to create lasting partnerships that benefit all parties.

We work with cooperatives, non-profit housing organizations, federations, TRGs (Technical Ressources Groups) and other social economy companies. We have the agility to adapt to all possible forms of collaboration.

Knowledge transfer

Knowledge sharing is in our DNA.

Our services aim to promote the transfer of knowledge and the development of skills of those responsible for building management (maintenance) and the board of directors. The objective of the approach we are proposing is for your organization to achieve the highest level of autonomy possible in terms of property management.

Safety as a priority

Safety is a founding pillar of our company.

Safety is a top priority. On construction sites, we apply all the measures required to ensure the protection of the public and our workers.

Our concept of safety also integrates the psychological well-being of our employees. To this end, we consider it our duty to also provide them with financial security commensurate with their commitment.

Embrace the change

We are breathing new life into an industry that has remained the preserve of men for too long. The composition of our team and our recruitment policy clearly express the favorable prejudice we harbor regarding the mix of genres, cultures, generations, and knowledge.

We promote the hiring of women, immigrants, and people of diverse backgrounds within a creative, rich, and committed multidisciplinary team.

Renovating and recovering

We want to contribute to the ecological transition. Our methods are based on the principles of the circular economy which aim to optimize the use of resources. It is with this in mind that we aim, as often as possible, to recover and sort construction materials (wood, metal and others) in order to promote reuse and reduce the environmental footprint of your project.