The Team

We are versatile professionals from diverse backgrounds. In addition to the construction trades, our expertise is based on a wealth of skills and experience in property management, business administration, project management, social work, communication, and social entrepreneurship.

A great team

Our strength lies in this great diversity of experiences and in the complementarity of our skills. It is also rooted in the depth of our values ​​and our commitment.

We are really committed to advising you, supporting you and carrying out with you the renovation project that will allow you to improve your quality of life and keep rents affordable.

Our members

Mathieu Riendeau


Initiator of the MAÎTRE D’ŒUVRE co-op project, Mathieu is a cooperant very committed to the development of the cooperative model. Co-director and founder of the Les ViVaces coop and of the La Cenne cultural space, he is also an active member of the Boards of several Montreal NPOs. Since May 2021, he is also the director of FCHQ-FECHIMM, the Fédération de l’habitation coopérative du Québec.

Holder of a license from the Régie du bâtiment du Québec, Mathieu has been working in the construction sector since 2018. He works as an instructor, coach, and consultant, in addition to participating in the development of MAÎTRE D’ŒUVRE.

Stéphanie Lévesque

General contractor and trainer

Stéphanie Lévesque’s experience in the construction field dates back to 2000. After training in cabinet making, she turned to construction management by becoming a general contractor. In 2015 she earned RBQ license. Since then, she has been honing her expertise in this field at ÉTS.

Her communication skills lead her to share her passion on radio and television. Stéphanie runs training sessions, does speaking engagements and acts as a consultant. She also authored three books and occasionally writes for La Presse+ as a special contributor. Her pen is one more powerful tool in her entrepreneurial chest. Winner of Chapeau les filles in 1999 and spokesperson for the 2016 to 2019 editions, Stéphanie is a passionate and committed advocate in the promotion of traditional trades to women.

Alain Dion

Project manager

From the age of 15, Alain helped his father who worked as a contractor on construction sites, learning the ropes of the trade. But it was as a sound engineer that he earned his living.

That occupation took him around the world, where he rubbed elbows with great song and showbiz names, in addition to earning him various prestigious awards. A few years ago, Alain returned to his first love: renovation. He particularly likes the pace and teamwork inherent to this profession.

He joined MDO in the spring of 2021 and has been helping the cooperative grow ever since. He is a much appreciated contributor!

Michel Girard

Project manager

As technical director, Michel helped build Musique Plus from the ground up, which says a lot about his experience… and his age!

After a long stint at Videotron, he took early retirement and now devotes his time to manual labor. It’s a world he enjoys and finds relaxing “because you don’t argue with a nail and a hammer.”

MDO can count on a team-player who values our entrepreneurial approach.

Félix Cadotte

Project manager

Upon completing a certificate in Green Building Design and his Master’s degree in Environmental Studies, the appeal of manual labour was stronger than that of his computer screen.

Félix was drawn to MDO’s social mission and sustainable development approach, an issue close to his heart. Since October 2021, he has been thriving in his new work environment. He doesn’t shy away from sharing his vision and ideas to push the Coop’s current and upcoming projects forward.

Louis-Charles Gagnon


Quiet and unassuming, Louis-Charles is a typical handyman: he always finds time to create, reshape and improve the material he’s working on. Mr. System D, he’s always resourceful in solving a deadlock on a construction site.

His heart lies between the renovation and building of film and TV sets as well as show stages. The MDO values and mission appealed to him so much that he chose to join us and quit his former permanent position!

Rachel Tardif

Designer and painter

Curious and creative, Rachel joined the coop to nurture her desire to learn every day to better understand our world. A designer by training, she is as comfortable in front of her computer as on a construction site. The multidisciplinary nature of her expertise allows her to participate in several ways in the development of MAÎTRE D’ŒUVRE.

Stéphane Dumais

Painter and plasterer

Stéphane Dumais worked 20 years in restaurants before exchanging his waiter’s clothes for the white outfit of a house painter. He started in the profession in 2016 with Pinceau et compagnie. His meeting with Mathieu in 2019 convinced him to join the MAÎTRE D’ŒUVRE team where he was able to perfect his training and acquire the status of an apprentice plasterer. His extensive experience in customer service and the quality of his commitment are valuable assets for the coop.

Nicolas Vandergugten

Project manager

Quebec-based since 2018, Nicolas works with businesses where he can put his various construction and management skills to good use.

His lifelong experience working with art centres and NPOs, both on the West Coast and in Quebec, has led him to MDO where he now shares his expertise with us. His creativity, organizational skills and sensitivity to the needs of the community prove invaluable assets to the team.

Jonathan Labrecque-Poirier


Jonathan has a rich and diverse professional history. At times a waiter, mover, tiler and carpenter, he has been a part of MDO since the summer of 2021.

Tired of the stress and lack of respect on traditional construction sites, he was ready to leave the business for good when he heard about us.

He fully adheres to the values of the cooperative, experienced daily on our construction sites. Jonathan actively takes part in the development of MDO so that as many people as possible can benefit from safe and respectful working conditions.

Yvette Rambour


English version coming soon!

Yvette (et ses mille talents) s’est joint à MAÎTRE D’OEUVRE pour y parfaire son deuxième métier : menuisière-charpentière. 

Riche de son ancienne vie à titre de consultante, elle apporte ses yeux de lynx pour optimiser et améliorer les processus existants à MDO que ce soit en termes de sécurité, de gestion des opérations ou d’apports au niveau stratégique. Son nouveau métier lui permet de s’épanouir et d’apporter une contribution tangible aux différents projets. 

MDO est privilégiée de pouvoir compter sur la jeune menuisière-charpentière et l’entrepreneure aguerrie qu’elle est. 

Récipiendaire de nombreux prix au cours de sa carrière, lauréate en 2022  du concours Chapeau les filles! du Grand Prix – Gestion des chantiers de construction.

Ronan Bartholo

Site manager and estimator

Architectural technician, estimator and general contractor, our new site manager wears many hats under his construction helmet! Since joining the Coop Maître d’Œuvre in April 2022, Ronan has quickly integrated into the team by sharing his organizational skills, his versatility and his team spirit. With MDO, his expertise comes in very handy towards the completion of our clients’ projects.

Emmanuel Carter-Alain

Carpenter and welder

With barely a quarter of a century under his belt, Emmanuel holds a DEP in welding and an ASP in high-pressure welding. He strongly believes that the construction industry is where his future lies. However, he won’t settle for just any type of construction industry. He will strive for one where he can blossom in a dynamic and respectful environment.

After working in a manufacturing workshop for two years and on traditional construction sites for another three, he made the leap to the cooperative world more in tune with his values. This is a choice he fully owns. He is happy to keep learning (carpentry being his current venture) in the company of like-minded people.

Jean-François Simard


After graduating from l’École des métiers de la construction at a very young age, Jean-François went on to work in maintenance for the next 20 years before joining us as a painter.

In love with Quebec, its history, its craftsmanship and its wildlife, it’s easy to see how deeply culture resonates with him. Who hasn’t heard him humming his favorite French songs on the job site (and he has quite the repertoire!).

When not holding a brush or a roller, Jean-Francois likes to go on hiking trips across the province. He can already boast of hundreds of kilometres in the forest. He is definitely tireless, both at work and in his personal life!

Marie-Claude Hébert

Human ressources

English version coming soon!

Marie-Claude joue un rôle actif à la coop, tant en matière stratégique que sur le plan humain. Forte de son expérience en intervention sociale, en développement organisationnel et dans le domaine immobilier, elle contribue par ses interventions à l’élaboration des processus humains et à la qualité des relations au sein de l’équipe et avec la clientèle.